MAA 2014

MAA - 2014 Edition

The MARBLE ARCHITECTURAL AWARDS is an initiative which aims at enhancing and promoting  the use of marbles and other natural stones in architecture.
This noble matter, the stone, marked the history of the cities over the centuries and it never stopped to meet with the architect’s approval.
The natural colour and pattern, the resistance and the strength are the traditional peculiarities of the dimension stone but they are nowadays combining with the unusually shaped volumes and the rich textures provided by a very advanced technology.
In fact, the introduction of sophisticated CNC  machines dramatically renewed the stone products which perfectly fit the modernity and the new conditions of the human habitat.
In view of this the IMM Carrara, in co-operation with the ICE-Italian Trade Commission, wants to honour and give voice to those who are the true protagonists of the dimension stone renaissance, the architects.
The competition will award all such architects and designers  who have significantly contributed towards a better use of marble in contemporary architecture, whether by technical or aesthetic means. 

The Awards are open to all registered Architects in North America (Canada, USA and Mexico); works entered must have been completed in the13 years going  from 1st January 2000 to 31st December 2013.